Fine art vs illustration – recent experiments

Recently I became frustrated with my attempts to create an illustration style and stepped back from it to spend some time in ‘artist’ mode – doing food paintings. I created these with no real aim in mind, using acrylic, which was a new medium for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the experiment and achieved some satisfying results.

What has proved most interesting (and productive) for me is that the act of letting go of creative expectations has brought me round full circle to discover the beginnings of my new illustration style.

I’m not quite sure how it all happened – not that I’m complaining! I think in the past I’ve lost sight of one of the most important aspects of visual creativity – whether I was referring to it as art or illustration – the act of pure, focused, ‘lose yourself in your subject matter’ OBSERVATION. My recent foray into art for art’s sake has been a valuable reminder of this and I am now finding my illustration is improved for it.


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