Cuteness and chaos

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks in my little painting room because there’s way too much in there that would be fair game for a hyperactive kitten to attack. We took in a 10 week old kitty and named her Kedi (Turkish for cat). She’s adorable but a huge handful as well. I’ve spent most of my free time entertaining and supervising her to settle her in to her new home and judging by the amount of purring going on I’m doing OK.

During one of her quiet moments I tried to do a carbon pencil sketch her sleeping but she kept changing position. I don’t think the proportions are quite right but I’ve never drawn a moving target before so I’m not really surprised.

Kedi, the furball of chaos
Kedi, the furball of chaos

It’s wonderful to watch such a furry bundle of energy in action and it’s given me a lot of ideas for images – which will have to wait until life returns to normal by the looks of things.


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